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The Deep Dark World of Consequence

Sharyn needs her rest. When she gets sick she gets sad. And begins referring to herself in the third person, apparently.

  • Captivating photos from the recent Greek Riots.
  • An iceberg melts off Ammassalik Island in Eastern Greenland. “More than 2 trillion tons of land ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted since 2003, according to new NASA satellite data that show the latest signs of what scientists say is global warming.”
  • MN Stories is back, with a feature about attacks against bikers on the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis.
  • From First Ave’s site: “Laura Kennedy, bassist and founding member of the seminal NYC no-wave band the Bush Tetras, recently received a liver transplant due to complications from Hepatitis C. The bills are enormous and continue to pile up.” I’m hoping to get to her benefit show next month.
  • 30 miles of yarn later…
    “Robyn Love has spent three weeks crocheting something big — 16 feet tall and 41 feet around. Big enough to fit snugly over a 10,000-gallon water tank on the roof of a Manhattan apartment building.”
    I look forward to seeing photos of it when it’s installed on Saturday. But I wonder how it will fare after being exposed to the elements. Hmmm.

At least I’d already taken today off from work. But not for anything fun, like on Friday. Today I’m taking my son back to the neurology department at Children’s Hospital. His last EEG was in 2006 and results were normal/inconclusive. Yet his petit mal seizures continue, and have even seemed to increased in severity and duration. Unfortunately today is just a consultation. It’ll be some time before we figure out what’s what.

trying to figure out the point of this game

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