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Walk With Me A While

In a moment of weakness I found myself looking through old photos, from warmer times with bright sun and green green grass. I even uploaded a few. But winter hasn’t even begun yet, officially, so it’s too soon to be tormenting myself. Instead I’ll need to work up my winter enthusiasm. Particularly surrounding some uniquely Minnesotan activities I have to look forward to. Like the Soap Factory sponsored Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake. And the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The boyfriend hasn’t yet experienced that, and had never heard of the Medallion Hunt. I did a little research and discovered a documentary was made about it called No Time For Cold Feet (kindred spirit of Hands on a Hard Body perhaps?) which could be interesting. Their site is chock full of info including photos of the actual medallion. I’ve lived here all my life and don’t recall having seen it before. But I have seen many of the parades. I’m particularly fond of the Torchlight Parade. I like fire. And I am a big fan of The Saint Paul Bouncing Team. Being a bouncing girl would probably make me puke, but it sure is fun to watch.

day 343, my love affair with the wobblelight continues

Bonus: ATP NY for 2009 just got a whole lot more compelling. The curators have been announced. The Flaming Lips! I love the idea of wandering the halls at Kutsher’s and bumping into Wayne Coyne and crew. But I need a) money and b) to see how the rest of the lineup fleshes out. It’s early days yet.
Plus: I’m curious about Fever Ray, the new solo project by Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife. Speaking of, I hadn’t heard that they are “in the throes of writing music and words for an artsy opera loosely inspired by the theories of Charles Darwin.” Color me intrigued.
And: The box doodle project is chock full of pure genius. Smiles all around.

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