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Thankfully my son doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of the movies all the time. He has a great imagination and started seeing plays early on, which he enjoys, and is able to suspend his disbelief most willingly. So when we saw the stage production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe last night he seemed better equipped to accept Aslan’s character than I was. Not a lion, but a large man strutting around in a body stocking with a silly straw mane. Hmmm. The bad guys had the better costumes, as always. I was especially taken with the dark gray leathers of the wolf captain, Maugrim. It’s the goth girl in me. As an added bonus, we were sitting next to the family of the actor who was playing Edmund. It was endearing, to see how excited they were for him. Especially as he was tasked with playing the most unlikeable character, and did a bang up job of it. Thankfully I refrained from saying “hey, your kid really knows how to act like a dick!”

My boy keeps urging me to get that octopus tattoo I’ve wanted for so long, but I don’t have a design fleshed out, or the location (on my person) nailed down. Possibly right shoulder? Or right forearm. And now I want a jellyfish tattoo too, after looking at my friend Ericka’s lovely photos. But it could be tricky to do a jellyfish well, to really capture the beauty of these Cnidarians. But I’m thinking something less realistic (like my squid tattoo). Found a couple candidates that could be modified to my liking. But who knows when I’ll be able to budget the time and money to do it.

day 337, wearing borrowed goggles

Bonus: The annual No Coast Craft-O-Rama is happening Friday and Saturday, and the Handmaidens Craftsmas on Sunday but I haven’t got any money to spend. Boo hiss. At least I still get to see Bruce Campbell Saturday night. Even if that conflicts with the Charles de Gaulle show at Eclipse. I want it all but, of course, I can’t have it.
Plus: Merlin Mann’s piece on courageous sucking struck a chord.
And: Another Octopus t-shirt I covet but will not purchase, as it is time to engage belt-tightening mode. After a visit to the credit union yesterday I realized no, we will not be going anywhere for spring break after all. Now I have to break the news to the kid.


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