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If Everyone Is Paying Attention

Neil Gaiman is doing a reading in St. Paul tonight. Technically The Graveyard Book is geared towards children, but I doubt my boy would want to stand around in line outside waiting to get in, and then sit through said reading. Damn shame.

Tonight is also the Radio K benefit show with Low, Sims (of Doomtree), Vampire Hands and Dosh. I’d love to be there but there are so many good shows coming up and I’ve got only so much time/money to spare. Having to be picky about it kinda blows.

And? Toilet phone is not ok. I finally took out the SIM card and popped it in my old phone. From that phone I can send text. I am so very annoyed. And too broke to break down and buy an iPhone. Maybe that’s for the best.

So the lad and I have two birthday parties to attend on Saturday. One is outside at a park while the other is at Space Aliens Bar and Grill. Can you guess which is the grown-up party and which one is the kid’s?

day 280, a brief pause

Bonus: I get misty-eyed over endeavors like The Oxford Project.

In 1984, photographer Peter Feldstein set out to photograph every single resident of his town, Oxford, Iowa (pop. 676). He converted an abandoned storefront on Main Street into a makeshift studio and posted fliers inviting people to stop by. At first they trickled in slowly, but in the end, nearly all of Oxford stood before Feldstein’s lens.

Plus: In more random photos, I like these bananas in Brooklyn and this grocery bike.
And: A Halloween round-up/PSA: On October 18th there is a MN Rollergirls bout with Pirates vs. Zombies. The last weekend of the month sees the return of Bedlam’s Barebones Halloween. And October 17th the Soap Factory starts up their spookyass Haunted Basement, for its second year (running through November 2nd).

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