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Situational Awareness Is Key

Still struggling with my hard work to fun ratio. I was semi-productive over the weekend, but took time out for Cupcake Saturday, the Modern Radio 9th Anniversary Gallery Opening, to finally see Persepolis, and to host a Memorial Day BBQ. Last night I did some more post-party cleanup and then built myself another fire. Tonight I’m getting back to the gym. Tomorrow night is a potential getting-things-done night, but then there’s the weekend.

Note: I’ve been hating on Dreamhost, hard, ever since I moved the site to them. Yesterday it was down more than it was up and I wound up receiving an email apology from some dude named Ralph (Wiggum?) about “dataglobs” and their “Blingy” cluster being bad. Boo.


Bonus: Wake Up! It’s They Might Be Giants
Plus: The Sigur Ros video for Gobblidegook. Features a bunch of naked folks frolicking through the woods and on the beach.
And: Watched some new trailers yesterday. The City of Ember looks interesting. And speaking of movies, the Vali-Hi Drive In currently has a triple bill of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Iron Man and Drillbit Taylor. Tempting.

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