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A Fresh, Antic Charm

Ahhh, a brand new month brought us a better day. The boy seems to be recuperating. Proof? He had way too much fun running around the house with the walkie talkies shouting Wassup. Even so, I was hesitant to let him play outside. But wound up caving, as it was the first real snow of the season. We tried out the new sleds in the backyard for just a little while. And Cupcake Saturday came to us, courtesy of a kickass friend. It was good to see an outsider. There’s been too much of just the two of us.

While Adam was visiting, he clued me in to the existence of a Turkish ripoff of Star Wars. Highlights include entire scenes stolen from the original, incongruous Indiana Jones music, and fight sequences with Chinese throwing stars the size of hub caps. Amazing stuff! I know what we’re watching at my next teevee party.

Cupcake Saturday came to us

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