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Bygone Checkmates and Brilliancies

We’ve had enough excitement this weekend. When the little man declared we were staying home all day today, I didn’t argue. I might not make it out of my pajamas.

Yesterday we were pummeled by the same storm twice. Before we left St. Paul the hail started. Had to wait it out a little so we wound up ten minutes late for the Vampire Hands in-store at Treehouse, but still caught most of it. And that was a good time. But just as their set ended, the storm caught up with us in Minneapolis. Hanging outside Treehouse in the rain was fun, but walking in wet shoes is a much less pleasant sensory experience.

Looking to the week ahead there is much in the way of general grown-upness:

  • Errand-running excitement, including hitting up the always hellish Home Depot.
  • Going to We the People with J, for all of our legal needs. I like how divorce is listed as a “product” on their site.
  • Need to transfer all of my automatic billpay stuff from my old checking account to my new one. Soooooo tedious yet necessary.
his initial reaction

Bonus: Happy movie news abounds. I hadn’t been following the unfolding of Batman/The Dark Knight, but Veronica has an excellent summary. The movie doesn’t come out until 2008 but there’s already a Harvey Dent campaign site, and a similar one, hacked by The Joker. Also? The Golden Compass trailer is now up. As usual, with my favorite books turned into movies, I am a wee bit wary yet compelled.
Plus: Catching up at More Cowbell made me realize…I missed The Clientele show last Thursday night. I kinda forgot about it, but likely couldn’t have made it anyhow. Part of the Sharyn-can’t-do-it-all reality. But I can make it to the kid-friendly shows. Until this morning I’d never heard of Pershing Park in Minneapolis. But it turns out that Harry and the Potters are playing at the park on July 16th. We’ll be there.
And: Miss Amanda is alive and well in Alaska…and leaving bras behind on her travels. The sure sign of an excellent journey.

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  1. Crap, we won’t be at Pershing Park tonight. Too sick, and too much to do. But other people should go.

    Monday, July 16, 2007 at 9:25 am | Permalink

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