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The Karma Payment Plan

We’ve had a quiet start to this new year, and that’s all right. On Friday Zophia and I got together for lunch, and to exchange our holiday gifts. She came through with some sweet ones, as usual, including the Super Frog (below) for the little man, and a cool Lego pirate ship. For me, adorable octopus stationery and, yay, a copy of Serenity. Which I watched by myself New Year’s Eve because the husband is a stubborn stubborn fool, and still refers to it as “Buffy in Space.” To add insult to injury, he suggested I watch something made by someone other than Josh Whedon. Oy. That we are still married is a miracle. He did help me out though, by figuring out there is some sort of problem with OSX clients and Samba servers. He read up on it, fiddled about, and bam, copying files from his machine to my powerbook is about twenty times faster now. I immediately grabbed some older Modest Mouse mp3s, among others I’d been missing.
Bonus: Today, when I was looking for more info on Tuno (a vegan tuna alternative), I stumbled upon the Vegan Lunchbox. I may not try Tuno after all, pregnancy cravings be damned, but I will be coming back to this blog. I can’t help but wish the little man were more like this mom’s little schmoo. My boy has become incredibly picky. Her kid eats everything I only wish mine would try (and the husband too), from brussels sprouts to various beans and soups. And after scrolling through her selections, I’m kinda wishing she’d pack my lunchbox. Sigh.
Plus: This portrait made me smile. Incidentally, Felix is at the top of my list for the new baby’s name, but it has nothing to do with Felix Von Havoc, honest.
And: The little man’s holiday break is coming to a close. Earlier today, while he was drawing with some new markers, I tried to break the news gently…that tomorrow he would, indeed, be going back to school. He scrunched up his eyebrows and very earnestly informed me “mom, I don’t have time for that” and then went back to some furious coloring. He’s only in kindergarten. I don’t think I’d developed that sort of attitude about school until I was, oh, in the fourth grade, at least. Kids these days.

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