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In The Face Of Forces Beyond Our Control

Day five of the almost-but-not-quite migraine. I’ve officially declared defeat and am going into to see the doc this afternoon. Any meds I receive might make me feel a little…fuzzy. But feeling fuzzy would be preferable to perpetually feeling like crap. Enough said. If I’m feeling up to it, I’d like to have some fun with the little man this weekend (I fully realize I’ve been extremely unfun all week). Would like to take him to the Children’s Museum tonight. And the Walker Art Center tomorrow, for their family day. Though if we do that, we’ll have to figure out a way to evade the annual Uptown Art Fair traffic. Too bad teleporting isn’t an option.
Bonus: One of my favorite flickr-ers is now into video too. Check out 7-how-7’s clip “my co-workers pulling and sorting the faces of my co-workers
Plus: An old haunt of mine, Moose and Sadie’s, has recently reopened, bigger and better than before. No longer just a coffee shop, they are now a full service cafe. I’ll have to stop by some time to gauge their vegan-friendliness.