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On Swimming Against The Stream Of Time

I have to admit…I had a frustratingly asstastic weekend. My timing was lousy, none of my plans panned out, and, just generally, there seemed to be a black cloud lingering overhead (which hasn’t entirely dissipated yet).

  • The little man and I were excited about a neighbor boy’s birthday party. I had the time right, but the day wrong, so we missed it entirely. I feel like such a jackass.
  • Intended to attend a co-worker’s college graduation party Saturday night, but instead fell asleep on a friend’s futon (where our little family was hanging out) just about the time I should have been heading out the door.
  • Finally visited with my folks yesterday, after not seeing them for far too long. I knew that a coworker of my Dad’s had been murdered on Friday, and that was bad enough…but found out that a family friend also had a heart attack the same day, and died at the age of 52.
  • Today is the 16th anniversary of my brother’s death.

Enough said. I’m not in a very good headspace today. Hopefully I’ll snap out of it shortly.
Bonus: Via the husband, found out that there is a staged adaptation currently running of Get Your War On (the “savage and hysterical internet comic strip” by David Rees). If you are in (or can be in) the Austin, TX area before May 14th, check it out.
Plus: I’m not the only one feeling low…looks like Low cancelled their tour because Alan Sparhawk has been battling depression. Best wishes to him and Mim.
And: Though I’ve been feeling cruddy, I still managed some brief bursts of creativity…by catching up on some photo-taking over the weekend. And there are still more pix to be posted.