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The Proof Of Enduring Relevance

Looks like a trip to Brooklyn will be in order, for the Fall of 2006. Stephin Merritt’s musical adaptation of Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, will be playing. Other Merritt news of merit, via Pitchfork, is purely operatic.

Yesterday afternoon the weather was simply gorgeous and, as such, a good time to be out and about running errands. Though they could only loosely be called such. At Breadsmith I picked up caramel rolls, and at Cheapo the new New Order, and Hot Hot Heat’s Elevator. Though I’d intended to grab Employment by the Kaiser Chiefs as well. Will have to go back and get it before their June 1st show at First Ave.

And lastly…I am desperately trying to stay unspoiled, but it’s so hard…especially with all the other Browncoats gloating and glowing after last night’s Serenity sneak peek. The next several months are going to be a bit rough.
Bonus: Photos from the lucky few.
Plus: Whoa, looks like local meteorologist Paul Douglas now has his own weather blog. It’s kinda neat.