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Now Let’s Get This Train Wreck A-rollin

I feel like this could be the “bad news blog” today. My little man is miserable (napping now) and I feel powerless to do anything about it. If I could bear the pain for him, I certainly would. But if we had a more humane health care system in this country it never would have come to this. In February we discovered he is in need of extensive dental work, including multiple pulpotomies. The intervening months have seen frustrating negotiations with both our dental and medical insurance companies, neither one willing to play nice with the other, or with us. At long last prior authorization has been granted and a date for the surgery scheduled. That date is drawing closer. This coming Thursday, in fact. But I don’t think we can wait that long. All day yesterday the little man seemed fine, but last night things came to a head. Just as he took a bite of a soft spring roll one of the afflicted teeth began causing him extreme pain. It’s safe to say that family night out at the Thai restaurant failed miserably. We hastily packed up the food to go (we being the husband) and high-tailed it to Walgreen’s, for some children’s ibuprofen and anbesol. He gladly slurps down the former, but won’t let us go near him with the latter. After an uncomfortable night’s sleep he woke up this morning with one cheek excessively puffy and swollen. A frantic page to the dentist led to a prescription for antibiotics, and another trip to Walgreen’s. But the poor boy is still hurting and unable to eat anything too cold, too hot, or requiring too much chewing. This can’t go on until Thursday. I have a feeling emergency surgery is going to be in order, and soon.

pulpotomy diagram

In less personal bad news…Let it Be Records is closing, to make way for some more lameass condos, thus furthering the transformation of downtown Minneapolis from a thriving metropolis to a sterile, soulless city.

How about some better news? Or less dire, at least.
For a while I’ve wondered about the music played on NPR’s Marketplace, because it’s often music I quite like. I’ve been too lazy to follow up on it (or maybe I liked the mystery?) but Defective Yeti found out for me. If you’d rather not know, avoid clicking here and here.

Bonus: Animal Farm, circa 1982 - currently I can empathize with the bunny, but I’m hoping things will turn around soon (via ljc fyi).

inchworm toy in tree
siding in decay
old school electric meter