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In A Field Of Paratypical Thingummies

Hopefully our lackluster start to 2005 isn’t a sign of things to come. Last night our dinner guests departed by 10pm. All was quiet in the household by 11pm. And this morning the three of us woke up feeling under the weather. Woooooooo, par-tay. It’s been a quiet, cranky kind of day. The husband suggested takeout from Grand Shanghai. Alas, they were closed…as was Taste of Thailand. But the third time’s the charm. The old reliable, Vina Vietnamese, was open, offering the less healthy options of sweet and sour mock duck and tofu with crispy fried potatoes. Mmm, greasy. Getting the takeout home would have been uneventful, if I hadn’t stopped by the library. Hissyfits were had when I popped some overdue videos in the drop box (the little man wasn’t yet ready to part with Caillou’s Holiday Movie). Sleet, freezing rain and a little snow have kept us cooped up ever since. But that’s for the best, as what we need most is to rest and recuperate. I’m going to pretend that 2005 hasn’t really started yet. Tomorrow I’m calling for a do-over. And again on Monday, if necessary.

I guess he's really a snowman