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Learn To Laugh At Your Idiosyncrasies

Some randomness on the morning of the eve of Christmas Eve. Yeah.
First off, Mightygirl recently interviewed a friend of hers, one who has become a published author. I appreciate the topic, especially now that I’m raising a boy with blossoming OCD tendencies. This is my favorite line: “needing to tap doorknobs is slightly weirder than needing to inject insulin.” I’m tempted to buy the book.

Events like San Francisco’s annual Santarchy extravaganza and the Dance Along Nutcracker, combined with their distinct lack of -4°F weather, only makes me want to move there even more. Sadly that’s not in the cards just now, but hopefully I’ll get to visit again before long.

It’s not quite robot love, but more like Mecha love (and, not moveable, but this motionless BattleMech Treehouse is still pretty danged cool). Also, in the future Origami will fold itself. I give you Oribotics.

About the woman who dropped $50,000 to clone her dead cat:

“It’s morally problematic and a little reprehensible,” said David Magnus, co-director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University. “For $50,000, she could have provided homes for a lot of strays.”

I’d have to concur. In another article Magnus went on to say:

“I can completely sympathize with people who become so attached to their pet that they want to bring it back at any cost, but there is nothing that can bring that animal back,” Magnus said. “Attempting to do so is unhealthy. It’s trying to pretend that death doesn’t exist, which speaks to a larger symptom in our culture of not dealing with death. It’s better to just move on. There is no good reason why anybody would do this.”

Enough said. And finally, something that made me smile:

Ruby Tuesday? I love that song!” Then I’ll mumble something along the lines of, “Of course you do, ass. That’s why you loaded it into the iPod.”

You are not alone Schpinky. Though I don’t have an iPod (yet) I’ve made many a mix tape for the car and caught doing the same thing while driving along.