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Performance Anxiety

Day one of NaNo is already two-thirds over, yet I’ve only made it to one-third of my daily quota (1,667 words/day). And the message boards back at HQ are more hindrance than help, as it is too easy to get sucked in to endless discussions regarding “Tips & Strategies”, “How to Procrastinate Effectively” and, most compelling, the local forums…as I’ve now met a number of the folks posting there. Inspiration is everywhere, but I need the focus to pull it all in, weave it together and spit it back out as something somewhat coherent. And I haven’t re-trained myself to write in quantity over quality mode. I can’t stop myself from re-reading, and editing, what I’ve just written. And what I have so far is this: two characters I don’t know very well yet, in a location I’ve never been to. Hopefully Google can take care of the latter, without leading me too far astray. As for the former, I hope I grow to like them enough to continue writing them throughout the month, without resorting to killing them off…too soon.
NaNo word count: 1943/50000