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At The Corner Of No And Where

Not sure how it happened, but I seem to be the victim of lost time. Somehow I haven’t posted since September. And October has long been my favorite month. It marks the true beginning of Fall in Minnesota…with its dazzling array of fall colors and cool, crisp air. When I was a kid it meant a birthday party for my brother (a date I still observe, in my own way). And the month ends with my favorite holiday. One which I would love to spend in San Francisco this year, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Besides, I need to hold down the fort here, handing out treats for the neighborhood kids…as so few households seem to do around these parts. But none of this explains our lost time problem. What have we been doing, aside from recuperating (from lingering colds), for the last few days? Details are fuzzy, but I seem to recall a few highlights. Experiencing Hop-Fu with friends…attending a tea party with the little man…getting trapped in traffic with the Twin Cities Marathon taking place practically in our backyard…and taking the lad out to the apple orchard for a wagon ride. Oh, and watching Spaced on Saturday. Both seasons (just 14 episodes total). Brilliant stuff, that. Speaking of brilliant…rumor has it that Simon Pegg, of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, may be up for a part in the upcoming adaptation of Alan Moore’s landmark comic book series, perhaps as Rorschach. Only time will tell.

tea party with the girls
tea party with the girls
wagon loading at the orchard
new school orchard technique
going downhill