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All In The Head

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve finally made myself a new portfolio site. Now for the disclaimers. While it might look nice, I hope, in most browsers…I pulled it together from a template I created for another project, nearly two years ago. So behind the scenes the code is a bastard hybridization of best practices and bad habits. But the first part is acknowledging the problem. The second part is harder. Starting over, bottom up, with clean, standards-compliant code. At least I know now what’s wrong, and why. After the overhaul the changes should be transparent to most end users, aside from faster download time. In the mean time, to any who click through it, please let me know if you encounter anything buggy. Or if my wording is, like, way weird. Totally. Thanks a million.
p.s. I know the contact form is currently broken. I’m on it.
p.p.s. While I’m selling myself as a front end web developer (which is what I’ve been up to professionally for the past decade or so) the photos are my favorite part. For long time readers of this site that section might be like a “best of” flashback. Cheers.
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