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Falafel Is King

Years before the husband was the object of my affection he was my co-worker, as was our mutual good friend Dave. Frequently the three of us would go out to lunch together, sometimes to a St. Paul favorite…the now closed kosher restaurant, Old City Cafe (apparently unrelated to the brand now sold in stores). One of our favorite items…vegan pizza with falafel topping. I’d nearly forgotten about this, but as we were heading to Dave’s last night, with the intent to make pizza, the husband suggested we throw on some falafel. Mmmmmmm, tasty. It was just like old times. Except that we are no longer co-workers. And the then single Dave is now married to the lovely Huey-Ling. And I’m mom to the little man…and married…to the husband. But other than that, just like old times.