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Clearly My 4-year-old Is On Drugs

I hope the little man learned his lesson today: never freak out with a loaded toothbrush in hand. You see, I was brushing my teeth, as I often do. The little man decided it was time to brush his as well. Excellent. Good dental hygiene is highly valued in this household (well, by me at any rate). But he wanted to be the one to apply the toothpaste to his brush. Naturally I want him to be able to do more things for himself, but I know his limits. I’ve learned the hard way that he squeezes the Tom’s WAY too hard, sending half the tube oozing over the bristles and on to the floor. Sure, practice makes perfect…but I can’t afford to let him practice this task that much. So I reached over and put the paste to brush for him. This elicited a class A hissyfit, which led to the little man’s outfit (top and bottom) being soiled in sticky silly strawberry. And also got me to thinking…maybe this guy is on to something (or on something) with his ABC’s & LSD theory. Should we be concerned? The little man’s artwork has been noticably more whacked out lately (see the middle image, with the person on the right hurling all over the person on the left).

blue in the face
faces on yellow
what he sees