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Feeling Older Faster

This week has been kicking my ass, and it’s not nearly over yet. That being the case, I neglected the PSAs I’d been meaning to post. To beat myself up a little more about it, I’ll post them now (yes, I am a recovering Catholic).
past: Yesterday my old pals brought a guest lecturer, Tom Regan, to the U of M. He gave a talk on the topic Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights. Apparently 200 or so people showed up, despite my failure to post about it in advance…and the more serious challenge of yesterday’s gorgeous weather. Folks must have heard there would be free vegan vittles. Evergreen catered, and the husband provided two of his decadent chocolate almond midnight cakes.
present (sort of): I guess I missed the mark here as well. Chuck sent me a blog action alert this morning…regarding a campaign for a one day phone blitz, calling on Governor Pawlenty to settle the bus strike asap. That day would have been today. Action. Inaction. Action.
future: Starfire also wrote me this morning, to remind me of the impending Geek Prom. I’ve long dreamed of attending, but this year the outlook is not so good. Still, I wholeheartedly endorse the event. As does Chuck, who will be attending in the capacity of “celebrity guest judge”. Fancy. More info:
Geek Prom is a somewhat formal party for adult misfits, which takes place annually in Duluth, Minnesota. This year’s Geek Prom will occur on April 17 at the Great Lakes Aquarium, where geeks will celebrate their clumsy social skills, useless talents and unrelenting desire to spaz out on the dance floor. Every variety of misfit will be on hand, including nerds, dill-weeds, spazzes, dorks, doofuses, dweebs, Einsteins, pizza faces, brainiacs, space cadets, mathletes, meteorologists, gamers, Trekkies, disc jockeys, zeros, gaywads, hobbyists, greenies, rejects, weaklings, technosexuals, career masturbators, bloggers, cloggers and all other corn-doggers age 21 or older.
Be there or be (less) square.

you take my breath away!