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Underachievers Please Try Harder

Yesterday I used up the last of my precious coffee supply and neglected to put it on a list of things for the husband to fetch for me. But I came up with a plan last night, after having dozed off on the uncomfortable futon couch in the computer room (sleeping on this beast induces strange dreams as well as plans within plans). The idea was to head to the neighborhood coffee shop first thing this morning, with me walking and the little man riding either his tricycle or his bicycle (with training wheels) over the nice, dry sidewalks. Only we’ve woken up to a fresh blanketing of sloppy wet snow. So this morning I’ve found myself carless, coffeeless, and hopeless. And oddly craving a Shamrock shake, the likes of which I haven’t had in a decade or so.
addendum: I don’t have the infinite patience or amazing artistry of Lorika (plus I have a the awesome destructive powers of the little man to contend with) but I do enjoy creating these twee snow people. As soon as each is ready I hand them off to the boy, who eagerly sends them to oblivion…by pushing them down the slide. Wheeeeeeee!

It's only funny until somebody loses an eye