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A Labor Of Love

It’s funny how some sunshine can turn one’s disposition around. We hadn’t had decent weather around these parts for what felt like forever and a day. Today’s blue skies inspired me to walk to work (and back) for the first time…as the bus strike shows no signs of breaking. I wasn’t quite sure how long it would take, but, knowing myself fairly well, I budgeted some extra time for snapping off photos. And I was pleased to rediscover some of the oddities in the nooks and crannies of my neighborhood. I pass by these landmarks so often, usually in a motorized vehicle, that I’d never paused to photograph them until today. And the light was just right, which is always a plus. Click here, or on the below photo, to launch the “Bus Strike 2004 Walking Tour” gallery.
addendum: Speaking of labors of love…extra special congratulations to Tina and Lane on the Wee Tomato’s arrival, after twelve hours of seriously hard work on Tina’s part. Dang. But he’s one beautiful, and BIG, little boy.
the bus strike 2004 walking tour gallery