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I Have My Bubble Of Isolation To Think Of

Last night I thought I was destined to stay in. The highlight of my evening? Giving the little man a bath and brushing the cats. But a friend called, with the offer of free movie passes, redeemable at a theater equidistant to our respective homes. Oddly enough I was able to go, after the husband and the little man were asleep, to catch the last showing of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. As a fan of the books I’ve been wary of this film adaptation. And with just cause, it turns out. The movie looks wonderful, and some of the casting was spot-on (in particular Uncle Monty and Mr. Poe). But I’d have to agree with this critic’s take:

Silberling and writer Robert Gordon have made the fatal error of trying to jolly up the novels, which are often funny but never, ever cute.

One caveat, this film has the most amazing closing credits I’ve ever seen. Been trying to scare up more info, but only finding others who were similarly impressed. Oh well. Also last night, this same friend informed me that Japan’s Guitar Wolf will be touring the states soon. I’ve been intrigued since catching them in the cult classic, Wild Zero, at a film fest a few years ago.

Japan's Guitar Wolf

They’re touting this as their “Loverock Tour 2005″. Sadly they don’t have a Twin Cities stop scheduled. Yet. They do have a couple of spots where they could squeeze it in, between Toronto and Detroit, or Chicago and Denver. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In other music news, I was poking around the Subpop site, looking for some Hot Hot Heat mp3s, when I came across the Low page. I’d nearly forgotten they signed to Subpop (it’s not a bad thing, just a little weird). There I found an mp3 off the upcoming release, The Great Destroyer. After a few listens I’ve determined I like it. I like it alot. (Not so shocking, I know.) They’ll be playing First Ave on February 12th, with Pedro the Lion.
Bonus: “Thinking of You” - pre-order the explodingdog 5th anniversary book.

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