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Ringing In The New Year, Very Very Quietly

We have a natural tendency towards quiet New Year’s Eves. Generally we stay at home, while inviting a few folks over. This year we again decided to stay in, but without the extra company. I think we needed that…the downtime. The past few weeks have been such a mad rush. First with the hospital business, then, with nearly no transition, the holidays were sprung upon us…with dozens of well-meaning friends and relatives vying for our time. This is just set-up for my poor excuse of a photo gallery. I enjoy participating in the photo projects, so I gave this one a go, even though we haven’t left the house since Tuesday. As you’ll see, little excitement was had…but it was a relief that way. I’ve come to realize that relaxing is a really undervalued activity. After a little more of it I’ll post my 2003 top ten lists, now that the year is officially over and all. Click the photo below to see what we have, and haven’t, been up to. And Happy New Year to you and yours.