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What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday the little man and I had a wonderful day, and a fine evening with the husband. But today everything went to hell. My heart’s in my throat after the ultrasound appointment I had this afternoon. Actually, it leapt up there a little beforehand. My doctor called and left a last minute message, while I was downstairs doing laundry. I was too stunned by the gist of it that I didn’t think to call her back until it was too late. She was cryptic, only mentioning that she’d intended to call sooner, and not to worry…but that I’d be needing a Level 2 ultrasound in addition to the regular one. What? I’d never even heard of a Level 2 ultrasound. Some quick googling turned up nothing but bad news. Still, I had the husband and the little man join me for my regular ultrasound, for moral support. Upon arrival I quizzed the nurse practitioner. She seemed taken aback that my doctor hadn’t actually spoken with me, so she chose her words very carefully…when explaining that the results from last week’s AFP test came back “abnormally high”. This is not good. Even worse, she was unable to get a clear view of the baby’s skull. She was so concerned, in fact, that she called for backup. The doctor who came in (not my own) tried for quite a while, but also gave up, then mentioned his concerns. Apparently everyone was so concerned that, while I was lying on my back like a helpless turtle, the receptionist was on the phone with the hospital…booking the first available appointment for me with the big guns. This doesn’t happen until tomorrow. I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep tonight. And, with the incredibly poor timing that marks every major event in our lives, the husband received a phone call when we walked in the door. It’s been over two years since he was laid off from his high-paying tech job. We all know that the job market has been all around lousy for some time. So it hasn’t been *too* surprising that, despite applying like mad for any number of positions, he’s hardly had a nibble from potential employers. Until today. He has an interview scheduled for Thursday afternoon. This is great news, but a really bad time for it. And so funny I could cry.