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Editor’s note: Finally. I’m just now getting around to giving a full report of Saturday’s festivities. It took much lounging and many bubble baths before I was recovered enough to finish the account, but here it is. I started writing this late Saturday night…and, despite the bitter beginning, much happiness was had. So here goes nothing.

Mother nature is one fickle bitch. For months Minnesota has been experiencing drought. The last week or so had seen a rise in temperatures to the 80s, described as balmy and August-like. Today all that changed. The headlines read “Welcome Rains”. Welcome by whom? I awoke to a gloomy, and much cooler, day. Tried not to fret. Headed to the salon to have my hair shellacked. Attempted to avoid any furtive glances out the window, at the skies that had started spritzing. But when I drove out of the parking ramp the situation could not be ignored. The heavens had burst forth, as though colossal water balloons were being lobbed down on the hapless humans. Sheets of rain fell such that neither my wiper blades nor the city’s gutters could keep up with the volume. It was a white knuckle drive home, to retrieve the husband and the wedding cakes. Upon arrival at my in-laws (dashing to the door, sheltered underneath an umbrella) we found the mood was cautiously optimistic…despite several setbacks. The white christmas lights, which had been carefully strung in the backyard, began shorting out because of the rain. And the tables and chairs couldn’t be set up until the deluge petered out. And, as anticipated, the little man protested loudly when we attempted to insert him into his tuxedo. He objected so strenuously, in fact, that he either accidentally, or intentionally, clocked the husband in the head…which resulted in a timeout for the lad. Which led to him sprawling over two dining room chairs, where he lost consciousness for a time, and sobbed softly in his sleep. Upon awaking a while later he immediately resumed his litany of “I DON’T WANT IT!” without skipping a beat, while trying to remove the offending articles of clothing. Even after a few guests arrived, including his favorite auntie, it still took him some time to calm down. And even longer for my frazzled nerves to settle. But happier things happened. The skies cleared just before the guests arrived, en masse. The food arrived, very kindly delivered by friends. Albeit some of the accompanying sauces were absent. One of the deliverers graciously made a return trip for them (thank you thank you thank you). One other friend arrived, having flown in that morning from NYC for the big event. Some kids showed up too, which distracted the little man so thoroughly that the husband was able to get the tuxedo jacket and tie on the lad. Wonders never cease. So photos were taken (hopefully better ones than my shoddy snapshots, they will be scanned in at a later date), good food was eaten, and excellent company enjoyed. It was a little chilly outside, but the bolder braved it…and the tent sheltered us some, so that it felt cozy…especially with the lovely white xmas lights glowing softly (they had been hurriedly replugged into an alternate extension cord by my intrepid in-laws). The drama wasn’t entirely over. Apparently one of the tablecloths caught fire…but I completely missed it. I did bear witness to the little man’s thorough desecration of the monkey suit he never wanted to wear. Seems only fair, I guess, but it wound up looking like something from a laundry detergent ad. The pants and jacket were imbued with mud and grass, while the white tuxedo shirt had been showered with two different red sauces: raspberry, and sweet and sour. No matter, he still looked adorable. After much mingling and munching the husband and I were toasted, and then the cake was appreciated by all. A food coma settled in over the adults, but the kids were hyper as ever. I’ll never forget the little man and his little girlfriend, running around wearing faux moustaches. After they’d been applied this four year-old vixen turned to him and demanded “let’s kiss!”, a command he happily acquiesced to. It was quite the day. Thanks to all who shared it (the lows and the highs) with us.