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Innocence Lost (or Temporarily Misplaced)

After working late last night I headed home, looking forward to seeing the little man. I walked in to find that he and J were sitting about two inches away the TV with the PS2 on, playing (and pretending to play) SSX. Barely got a hello out of ‘em. A while later I was sitting at the dinner table with the monkey. I’d made him one of his (former) favorite snacks, edamame. After setting it on the table near him he screamed “NO!” and pushed it away. Well, awrighty then. Moving right along I asked him if he’d had a good day, and what he’d done. The lad replied with a new non sequitor…he called me, his mother, a poopyhead. And added insult to injury by aiming his index finger in my direction, while making spectacular laser sound effects. Now I know what he’s learning at pre-school.