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A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy

I was tired. Not tired enough to sleep, but too tired to do anything productive. Just awake enough to consume some easy entertainment. But still. I should have known better. And I probably did, really…but that rarely stops me. Not only had I added “Star Trek: Nemesis” to our already jam-packed Netflix queue, I even bumped it up to the top of the list. As dreadful as it was I couldn’t stop watching it, as J wisely did. I watched it all the way to its very awful end. And I have to report, the only pleasure derived from viewing this film was reading Ebert’s review afterwards. Here’s just one of his many gems:
“There might have been a time when the command deck of Starship Enterprise looked exciting and futuristic, but these days it looks like a communications center for security guards.”
Ouch. Another viewing of Trekkies would have been far more satisfying. Happily that’s due to arrive next Tuesday.