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Distraction Vs. Destruction

Protest / Escapism. Finding myself switching off from one to the other. If I pay attention too closely to the brutality of this obscene and unjust war I’m prone to panic attacks. But as powerless as I think I am, it still feels good to speak out against it…to and with friends and co-workers…by contacting my “representatives” and by adding my mass to the masses…so the world knows we’re not all going along with baby Bush’s joy ride. But I don’t have the energy to keep it up constantly. So I need to take little breaks from reality (when haven’t I?) and escape into my distractions. Currently I’m in the middle of “100 Years of Solitude“, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which I’ve been meaning to read for some time. Also enjoying some recently acquired music by: Au Pairs, Bangs, Erase Errata, i am the world trade center, Mirah, Peaches, Signal to Trust, The Sound, and Ten Grand, to name a few. And I’ve compiled this baker’s dozen list (couldn’t narrow it down to a top ten) of some of my all-time favorite movies, to be used as needed.
01. “The Princess Bride
02. “In the Mood For Love
03. “Amelie
04. “Happy Accidents
05. “Double Happiness
06. “Anna Magdalena
07. “Strictly Ballroom
08. “Antonia’s Line
09. “The Big Lebowski
10. “Moonstruck
11. “Almost Famous
12. “Muriel’s Wedding
13. “About a Boy
But there will be plenty more opportunies to get back to speaking out, to be sure.