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Your Friends And Neighbors

It was an interesting weekend. The weather was the best we’ve had in a long time. And was partially responsible for me staying awake Friday night, long enough to see “Punch-drunk Love” at the dollar theater. And Saturday was a beautiful, almost balmy day for hanging out at the coffee shop, playing at the playground…and going to a protest. The three of us took part in the Neighbors for Peace March & Rally. To my surprise we made it through the entire route, with J and I taking turns pulling the little man in his little wagon. And about halfway through we picked up a hitchhiker. One tired-looking mother asked if her exhausted daughter could rideshare with our monkey. J was pulling the wagon at the time (and most of the time, really) so I let him be the judge. But he was up to the challenge. Also surprising, the sheer number of people attending. All told there were about ten thousand of us, roused from a long winter of hibernation. But by the end of the march I was ready to backslide into sleepyland. The rally looked promising, but we were beat and opted to have an early dinner out instead. On the way home from a fine meal, the monkey fell asleep in the car. And didn’t wake up until the next morning. When he did arise, I was slightly achey and didn’t have the spring in my step that I’d had the morning before. So we got out and about a little later, but still with plenty of time to revisit the coffee shop and playground. Where we played, obviously, and got to know some of our neighbors a little better. Especially the two sets of twins, all siblings belonging to one amazing single mom. Which reminds me how easy I’ve got it, with just one monkey to look after…and in general, compared to most.