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Cirque D’été

The little man and I had a spectacular weekend. The weather was far better than anticipated…so we wound up outdoors for most of it (I now have a tan line…weird). The little man played at no less than five different playgrounds. But now we’re paying the price. In the form of a neglected disaster of a household. I shirked all chores, save for a bit of laundry. When my house is clean it’s a place I look forward to spending time in. When it’s in its current condition, I only wish to flee from it. Which probably accounts for a good deal of the weekend’s activities. Speaking of which…I did also have some much-needed mommy time. I was able to both bowl and catch Jay’s show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. I hadn’t bowled in years, but I still suck as much as I used to. And I can’t wait to have at it again. Maybe I’ll even break 100 next time. Or at least 75.