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Pow! Zap! Zonk!

Awright, so I’ve succumbed and am hopping on the

bandwagon. Yeah, the thread has been creeping up everywhere but it’s still kinda fun. I think I first caught wind of it via Caroline who had come to it via MF. It’ll be blogged to death, to be sure…but it’s good to know I’ve got family out there…even if some of my folks are my siblings too. In other news, my work email has received yet another Klez virus variant. This time the message is:
This is a special powful tool
I expect you would enjoy it
Would you now? Well, I guess I did, because it inadvertently brought to mind fond memories of the original live-action Batman TV series (which I caught the repeats of in the 70s). And now I’ve got the music in my head too, which isn’t such a bad thing. Seriously.