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Shake Your Moneymaker

Damn, August is already bringing in the cool stuff. First off, the benefit party for the EFF on the 22nd. The highlight of which will be Wil Wheaton vs. Barney duking it out in a boxing match. Aww yeah. (I won’t be able to attend, but I really should donate.) And Minneapolis is hosting the second largest North American Fringe Festival. I’d like to make it to “Signal to Noise“, written by Neil Gaiman. And to see the always amazing Jay Gilligan in cirque d’été. Also this weekend, the Walker Art Center’s Free First Saturday, for families. This month’s theme is Hip-Hop Happening. Should be interesting, for me. Hopefully the little man will enjoy it as well. But really his favorite thing is just to run free through the Walker’s Sculpture Gardens. It’s all good as long as I can keep him from jumping into the pond.