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Tomorrow is a Mystery

Donations are being accepted for the Matt Gray memorial Computer Science scholarship. The goal is to raise $25,000 so the first scholarship can be awarded for Fall 2022. If you would like to donate, please check the box for “Make this gift in honor or memory of someone” and enter Matt Gray’s name. His memorial was yesterday. I had hoped to attend in person but the risk is far too high. Our household has managed to avoid COVID so far and would like to keep it that way. I viewed a livestream of the memory-sharing portion of the service instead and, once again, cried alone at my desk. Grief, the modern way. It’s harder to hang on to much hope or find joy these days but I’m trying. Here are five interesting things:

A friend pointed out a highly relevant piece in the NY Times:

Another Covid Winter, but Our Quarantine Comforts No Longer Work
Americans have spared little expense over the past two years turning their homes into cozy havens. That doesn’t mean they want to spend another winter in them.

While we may not want to, my two-person household has the privilege of staying put and staying safe for our third pandemic winter. And we are committed to doing so. I’ve ordered yet more puzzles (and puzzle storage). I have a new cookbook on the way. And Chris and Andy of The Watch just had an episode about their most anticipated TV Shows of 2022. We’ll make it work.

First 2022 selfie after bleaching and recoloring my hair silver, at home

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