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Harnessing the Flow of the Universe

Several times I’ve experienced car problems immediately after a trip and/or shooting a wedding. This time it was both. My son and I returned from Seattle on Friday and Saturday I shot a lovely wedding downtown Minneapolis. On the way home my car’s engine light came on. The beast is with my mechanic now. I guess it’s better to have car problems after being paid to shoot a wedding than after spending money on travel. But since I’ve just done both this means things are sort of evening themselves out. Thanks universe! At least being car-less has ensured I’ve been home more, editing photos. I finished this recent batch of trip pix then finally got through the ones from our previous trip to Seattle and Portland, over Spring Break. On that trip we attended the Emerald City Comic Con. Maybe one day we’ll attend San Diego’s Comic Con, which just ended. But it’s gotten too large and would likely be overwhelming. I’ve been distracted enough just by the news coming out of the con this year. Some of the top tidbits:

While in Seattle we got to visit the fabulous Fantagraphics, where I picked up the Henry and Glenn Forever trade paperback, and a few other books. And we played lots of pinball and ate excellent meals and lounged. I’m working on another post to, outlining our best trip stops so that I remember where to go next time. When we got back to town I took my son to our new co-op, Lakewinds. They’d had their grand opening after he left for his month long adventure. He seemed suitably impressed. Not only is it the closest we’ve ever lived to a co-op, they stock all of his favorite vegan items. Which has been great for the short term, until he leaves for one more trip this summer. This time just for two weeks. And then bam, school starts. If only I could convince him to shave his wispy mustache before then.


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