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The Vast Wilderness of Uncertainty

I spent my weekend in the land of the Lost, attempting to recover from this ever-lingering migraine, while devouring all of season one. Now I know why I avoided that show. It is seriously addictive! I even started in on season two yesterday. So I spent most of the weekend out of commission, leaving my poor son to amuse himself for the most part. If I’d been feeling better I may have been able to ask for assistance from someone but the sad truth is we’re running low on “someone” options. Instead I waited for those brief bright spots, where I could stay upright without wincing, to take the boy out. Saturday night to dinner at E Noodle Cafe and bowling at Sun Ray. And Sunday we escaped the steamy-hot weather by going swimming indoors at our Y, which was, surprisingly, not all that busy. But I should have been. I’d intended to use the weekend to catch up on To Do list tasks and pull together travel plans for next month’s All Tomorrow’s Parties in New York. Plans that are in danger of unraveling at this point. Anyone care to join me?

Tonight I am planning to see Times New Viking, for free, at Loring Park. Tomorrow night is The Breeders at the Fine Line (probably not going) and Friday night Vampire Hands plays the Turf Club. We shall see.


Bonus: Patton Oswalt’s upcoming movie looks strangely serious. Big Fan looks to be more depressing than funny but the trailer is most compelling.
Plus:Parenting is just Groundhog Day with more lawyers and different cuts of jeans.”
And: Right up my alley…the Blab Show’s 21st Century Apocalypse at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, with some of my favorite artists.

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  1. Jody wrote:

    Oh…i love Lost. You gotta hang it there though. I almost gave up around season 3 or 4 thinking that the end was gonna annoy me, but the end of the last season actually tied it up pretty nicely for me! One more season to go and i’m interested to see what they do with it.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

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