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Wrecking My Flow

Last night the boy was with the ex, so I saved money on a sitter. I met a friend for dinner at Brasa, a friend who then got me into the TV on the Radio/Dirtbombs show for free. But the evening wasn’t without a price. The openers started later than I’d expected so I only stuck around for the first four TVotR songs. Even so I still got the boy to bed way too late. When he doesn’t get enough sleep he gets through the school day all right but then, woah. All unholy hell breaks loose. After school today he was inconsolably cranky. I just wanted to hide out in the world’s most relaxing room until he calmed down. Or send him to such a room. Sadly we don’t have one. And it didn’t help that instead of catching up on sleep last night, I got caught up on Heroes and True Blood. Doh. Hopefully we’ll both get caught up on sleep tonight instead.

Five (or so) good and/or crazy things:

  • Coming soon, Art Attack! In NE Minneapolis the second weekend of November.
  • A different kind of attack…Attack of the Cat People.
  • More in the media on autism spectrum disorders. This article reminded me that the boy’s school only goes up to fifth grade. He’s already in third grade. I need to start looking into options before long.
  • WTF broccoli? I buy a lot of Cascadian Farm products and am pretty sure I’ve purchased these broccoli florets, but I’ve never noticed this before. Eep!
  • Caught a few new trailers today. Push - which sorta looks like a Heroes ripoff, just with Dakota Fanning. Naturally I’ll see it anyhow. Anything to do with the paranormal (unless it’s straight up horror) and I’m there. But more promising is JCVD. Who knew Jean-Claude Van Damme could be so compelling?
day 296, still chilly

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  1. Maria wrote:

    Without blankets to snuggle under that supposed ‘world’s most relaxing room’ leaves something to be desired. I wonder if I could just paint the ceiling of my bedroom blue and the walls green and get a bit of that effect. Of course then I’d have to paint, which since I’m renting seems unlikely. Perhaps you have a room that needs redecorating?

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 8:55 pm | Permalink

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