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I Was Paying Attention

Weird week. I rather arbitrarily won a poster from Coudal. Yay! And yesterday I randomly received email from an old friend, one I haven’t seen in a decade.
And Chuck’s got me totally hooked on Ryanne’s Video Blog. secret society of vegans I especially like the one where she’s hanging out with her family, in the kitchen, all talking about decentralizing the media. And I’m a little freaked out by Dylan’s video blog. Though it was oh-so-long-ago, I clearly remember being 11, 12 years old…and being a dark haired girl alone in her room listening to The Cure, The Smiths and The Sex Pistols on vinyl, only there was no video camera involved in my case. Good thing too, as I was sporting some really bad hair at the time, and wearing those HUGE 80s-style glasses, with big burgundy plastic frames.
Bonus: Boy Scout Troop 666
Plus: The trailer for Colour Me Kubrick is compelling.
And: I want one of these t-shirts.