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A Kite Dancing in a Hurricane

Early in 2020, I opted out of dating. After expending too much energy, yet again, attempting to change someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t meet my needs. Then the pandemic made it uniquely easy to roll with my singledom. But recently I reconnected with an old acquaintance. The pieces are falling into place. It has been extremely comfortable and reciprocal. Though it feels surreal to be experiencing this much happiness while the pandemic takes another turn, with the omicron variant (that’s already in Minnesota now). And the United States plunges deeper into neo-fascism, thanks, in part, to the right wingers on the Supreme Court. On top of that, we’ve got the continuing climate crisis to contend with. It’s December in Minnesota yet it is still sweatshirt weather with no snow on the ground. Last Winter’s lack of snow led to a massive drought all Spring and Summer.

Time marches on. Last week we enjoyed a small, in-person Thanksgiving gathering with our chosen family. My son and I upheld our little family unit’s annual traditions. I bleached out his hair on Black Friday and recolored it with a different hue. This time moving from cotton candy pink to a dark fuschia. Then we procured a Giftmas tree and decorated it before watching a Muppets Christmas special. I enjoyed a long weekend off from work. Spent a fair amount of time with the delightful person I’ve been seeing. He’s got an appointment for his booster shot son. My kid, myself, my Dad and his wife have already had theirs. Next month will be 2022. And before long, we’ll hit the two year mark of working from home for me, and remote college classes for my son.

A Christmas tree decorated with a tree topper that produces colorful psychedelic light patterns on the ceiling

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