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All the Moments After

Life has been a mixed bag lately, as usual. What’s going on in Afghanistan makes me feel powerless though the situation has been occupying my thoughts a great deal. Please consider donating through the International Rescue Committee, or other vetted NGOs, if you are able to.

The Taliban’s Return Is Catastrophic for Women

As a photojournalist covering Afghanistan for two decades, I’ve seen how hard the country’s women have fought for their freedom, and how much they have gained. Now they stand to lose everything.

The rest of my brainspace has been occupied by random distractions, as usual. A round-up of some of them:

My son started Fall semester today. And his courses are all fully remote, again. It’s like deja vu from the last school year, except this time around we’re vaccinated at least. And I’m taking a break from teaching at his college. Last week, I got my first new tattoo in years. This tiger is a stunner and it felt like a little bit of normal life. But I’ll be using my home COVID test kits just in case. Sigh.

Freshly inked orange and black tiger tattoo on a forearm

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