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Tender Souls in Tough Places

The pandemic is worsening, as experts had predicted. Because many people are, predictably, behaving in counterproductive ways. Thanksgiving is this coming week. Everyone should be staying put in their own homes this year. But nope. Holiday air travel is surging right along with coronavirus cases. It’s pretty bleak. Many states, including ours, have been tightening restrictions. Minnesota’s went into effect Friday night. These restrictions make no difference in our lives but the fact that so many folks are bristling about them shows how we’ve gotten to this point. Once again, I will try to focus on factors within my control. We will continue to shelter in place. We haven’t eaten inside a restaurant since March. We don’t go into other households or allow others into our home. We have groceries and supplies delivered. And we will focus on ways to stay as healthy and happy as possible under these circumstances.

Time for Five Good Things:

File under random but satisfying news. For weeks I had been trying to figure out where I bought our favorite masks. We’ve tried so many. Some were nice enough but didn’t hold up after a few washings. Others were just plain uncomfortable. After some digging, I finally figured out where I’d purchased our best ones. By far, the best masks (with nose wire) came from Wayre. Posting that here and bookmarking it for future reference. I do believe we will be wearing masks in public, for the long haul. And this behavior needs to be normalized for the greater good.


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