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Frozen Explosion

Pre-pandemic, I worked with my therapist on mindfulness and being present. But 2020 has changed all that, as we all know. This year has been too chock full of awful moments. I am lucky to be over-employed, which keeps me out of trouble most of the time. When not working, I allow myself to be distracted. To avoid “the now.” Recently I binge-watched Lovecraft Country (and injured myself while watching it). But I couldn’t just leave it at that. I also listened to all the companion episodes of the official podcast with Shannon Houston, one of the show’s writers, and the incomparable Ashley C. Ford. Every year around Halloween I try to be a little braver and get into the spooky mood. But I’m ready for lighter, fluffier distractions now. Even if the weather isn’t. We had a strange morning of eerie, orange skies, and thundersnow. It was like being trapped in a Halloween snow globe. And yes, my son and I will be carving pumpkins and baking Halloween cookies. But soon I will be turning to comedy. Five good comedy-related things:

Earlier this week we had our first legit snowstorm of the season. Makes me want to hibernate. My people of MENA were not built for this climate. But I will call upon my heritage to create some comforting meals this weekend. Like a big batch of mujadara, some Lebanese flatbread, and za’atar-spiced beet dip.

October snowstorm covering the pedestrian lane in slush
Trees with pretty Fall colors with snow on the ground
One red maple leaf on a pile of snow with orange leaves in the background

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