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Chaotic Ambiance

It is Friday. I made it through another weird week of life during a pandemic. So I want to highlight some of the good things I am thankful for.

  • Why yes, I would love to zipline into Godzilla’s mouth, thank you very much. What a dream.
  • Star Trek! The Lower Decks season finale was absolutely perfect (spoilers here), the season 3 premiere of Discovery was a thing of beauty, and I just binge-listened to the official Star Trek podcast, The Pod Directive. Hosted by Lower Decks star Tawny Newsome and the incomparable Paul F. Tompkins. A dynamic duo, indeed.
  • YallaDrum mini-documentary video: “New Arab American Theater Works’ program Yalla Drum! teaches local community to play traditional Arabic percussion instruments in an ensemble environment, and provides an opportunity for the larger Twin Cities to interact with our rich traditions.” That is just lovely. In the before times, I was able to enjoy some of Khaldoun Samman’s live performances.
  • In general, I’m not much of a horror fan. Yet every October, I try to dip into some of the spookier stuff. This week I started watching the brilliantly cast and beautifully shot Lovecraft Country. It is so intense I managed to injure myself. After a couple of episodes of tensing up, then jumping from jump scares, I actually pulled something in my shoulder. Still, I will soldier on. I need to get to this weekend’s finale. And I’m curious about Janelle Monae’s VR concert tie-in.
  • For 12 years, I lived in a house I owned. I bought it while pregnant with my son (and in serious nesting mode). The house was all wrong for many reasons and I stuck it out for too long. After that, we moved too many times between 2011 and 2019 so I made the switch to kindle books instead of lugging physical ones around. Now that we’re settled into our new home base, I feel more comfortable buying some physical books again while more mindful about supporting our local booksellers. Moon Palace is my favorite!

The Fall colors continued to pop this week. This morning we had our first snow flurries of the season. Some long-time Minnesotans are losing it, but c’mon, this happens every October. It has already melted and just looks a little damp outside. Though it was 45° warmer here just one week ago. That’s Minnesota for ya.

Support your local booksellers
Dreamy Fall watercolors
Tree with very orange leaves

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