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High Precision Ghosts

The last week was tougher than usual. Physically I felt unwell, which led to me feeling miserable, emotionally. Then I received some lousy news. Separately, about two friends / former co-workers. That got me feeling even lower. It seems like I’ve been coasting along through this pandemic. Trying to meet our household’s basic needs while meeting deadlines for work. Treading water during the week and rushing on weekends, attempting to complete all the tasks I haven’t had time or energy for during the week. But enduring one week of pain was a reminder of how much worse things used to be. I experienced chronic pain, with intermittent migraines, for 25+ years. I hope this flare-up was a fluke. It sure did illustrate how much of a change there has been.

It hasn’t been all bad. Good things:

  • My iphone kept freezing and forcing me to do a hard restart, multiple times a day. I finally found the culprit. The apple podcasts app. Despite all my data (subscriptions) and play history, I deleted it. And my phone has been just fine since. I’ve been switching between Pocket Casts and Spotify instead. So far, so good. A fresh start feels good.
  • One of the podcasts I resubscribed to? Mike Birbiglia’s Working it Out podcast. I enjoy him and all of his guests have been wonderful so far. I look forward to more episodes.
  • Relevant to my interests: We Ranked the Top 11 Brands of Bubble Water, Just Because. I’ve been drinking less LaCroix lately and a lot more Gerolsteiner. That is the good good stuff (but only from glass bottles).
  • Walt Disney World’s Reopening Video Didn’t Go Over So Well. And the parodies are downright amazing! That brought me a little joy in an otherwise bleak week.
  • I’m reading supernatural Sherlock fan fiction and I’m not even sorry. “Sherlock, but Make Him Likable and Also an Angel: The Angel of the Crows by Katherine Addison
  • My son used to regularly go to his Dad’s house to have his hair bleached and dyed a bright color. That hasn’t happened since last November. It only took a pandemic, but he allowed me to do this for him yesterday. And it turned out quite well.

A friend and I were talking about live music shows, and how it’s likely to be a long while before they happen again. I have a ticket for a Bikini Kill show in Milwaukee. It was rescheduled from May 2020 to November to 2020 and again, now, for October 2021. But even that seems unlikely.

Live music won’t return until 2022, Lollapalooza co-founder says.

That is rough to hear but seems more realistic. Until then, I will continue to find things my son and I can do on our own. Tonight we may finally get to go comet spotting for Neowise. The last two nights have been overcast and stormy but tonight should be clear. Planning to drive outside of the city a bit for less light pollution. I’ve loaded a tripod into the trunk and I’ve got my binoculars handy.

Fresh hair color
sunflowers against blue sky
into the woods

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