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That’s How the Light Gets In

October was strangely eventful and uneven. Full of change. Mostly beneficial. The cultivating of calm is going fairly well and I’ve had some lucky breaks. I’ve already been teaching on Tuesday nights, after my day job. I was scheduled to teach on Thursday nights as well, starting next week. That would have made for two 14 hour workdays per week instead of one. Thankfully, too few students enrolled in the class so it was canceled. I’m not even mad (hugely relieved). And somehow it is November already. The next two months will be the usual blur of the holiday season then boom, I’ll be vacationing in Lisbon. It is so lovely to have this Portugal trip to look forward to. Past Sharyn did me a solid there.

Five fabulous things for Friday, music edition:

In other news, my kid doesn’t have class on Fridays but he’s going down to the college today anyhow, for his first meeting with the anime club. I’m a proud nerd mom.

The adorable tabbies who won't let me make my bed
A sunflower, still hanging on
The last of the Fall leaves still hanging on

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