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Darkness Around the Edges

The last week has been death by a thousand paper cuts. So many gripes!

  • Somehow I deleted the last post I published, a few days ago, and I can’t seem to find it.
  • The return of sticky-hot summer weather increased my irritability exponentially. And yes, I do miss the central air conditioning we enjoyed in our last two homes. We no longer have this. Instead, I have an ancient window unit in my bedroom. And when I tried using it? It tripped the circuit breakers. And I haven’t sorted that out just yet.
  • I was tired all day Monday but marched myself through the workday. And dragged myself to therapy after. Only to find my therapist wasn’t there. She had forgotten to tell me she would be at a conference. Which ensured I was driving home at peak rush hour in thick stop and go traffic. Cool.
  • My auto loan lender still owes me $304.26. It took no less than six phone calls to get to the bottom of it. And it sounds like it will take a while before I get it back.
  • Woke to the sound of breaking glass at 3am. Thankfully, it wasn’t an intruder. It was a framed print falling off the kitchen wall. The adrenaline rush stayed with me for hours.
  • There’s a dead squirrel decomposing below my kitchen window but across the property line. I would like the neighbors to deal with it.
  • I purchased a ticket to see comedian Ron Funches next month. It was inexplicably refunded. The date still appears on his tour calendar but his page has been removed from the comedy festival’s site.
  • My Fitbit died but I’d left the proprietary charger at work. I took a long walk around the lake but for a minute I was thinking “but it won’t count! All those lost steps!” Ludicrous, of course, but proof that gamification works.
Looking for ways to turn this funk around.
Cat, about to jump into a windowsill

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