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Take Your Pleasure Seriously

When things warm up in Minnesota people begin to reconnect. Last Saturday I attended two brunches. Today a friend/former co-worker reached out to me for photography advice and would like to get together for happy hour. Tonight I’m catching up with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. We hung out when our kids were babies and now they are both legal adults. This past winter was a rough one. I would have felt more isolated except I started seeing someone just before the holidays. We’ve made jokes about “cuffing season” but our arrangement has endured…because Game of Thrones season 8 started. And Killing Eve S2. And there was just the Star Trek Discovery finale we had to watch. And The Expanse S4 is coming. You get the picture.

Five Fantastic Things:

Spring also means cosplay season, for my son. Free Comic Book Day, SpringCon, CONvergence prep. He’s been working with his Dad on his Batman Mask of the Phantasm cosplay and it is looking good. The final piece for them to craft is some sort of arm scythe thingie. The mask was 3D printed. I bet the filmmakers didn’t foresee that back in 1993, when the film was first released.

Mask of the Phantasm cosplay

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