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Embrace the Unknown

The other night my therapist was talking - again - about viewing events as neither good nor bad, without making a value judgment. And making a distinction between value judgments and observations. Well, yesterday morning I observed my little hatchback being rear-ended by a giant Dodge Ram. I am ok and I think my Volvo is as well. I had taken a different route to work than usual. At one intersection I started to turn right on red before realizing this was prohibited (there was a text-only sign reading “No Right Turn On Red”). So I stopped but the truck behind me did not. Well, not until it ran into my car. Randy, the Ram driver, tried to blame it on the ice but I think it was just morning commute impatience. We pulled over around the way and exchanged info. Such an exciting start to a Tuesday.

In other news, last week I was reading a roundup of local Twin Cities saunas (Rooftops! Mobile units! Infrared technology! Space eggs!) and posted to Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to join me in the golden egg. Thankfully a friend reminded me he has his own sauna. That I would be free to use, for free (instead of shelling out $35 for a half hour). On his farm. That also has goats. Thank you, yes! So we put a plan together to co-host a party at his place. I’m so very excited. I’ve already obtained the groceries needed to make BBQ tofu and more. And we’ll be drinking LaCroix instead of alcohol because - sauna. Safety first.

Five Things I Am Interested In And/Or Thankful For:

Last weekend I was feeling motivated. I had just listened to an Imaginary Worlds podcast episode about Margaret Brundage, who illustrated some of the best Weird Tales cover art in the 1930s. And then I saw a call for submissions, from women writers only, for 1930s Weird Tales style short stories. Sign me up! Initially, I had just been excited by the idea. Saturday morning I woke up with a fully formed story in my head. And I managed to flesh out the whole thing Saturday and Sunday. Now I’m making the final tweaks before I send it off. Whether or not my submission is accepted is irrelevant. It was just incredibly satisfying to write fiction again.

Sunday brunch bed head

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