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I Wanna Be Adored

So fickle. Minnesota doesn’t care if we’ve made plans. Schedule a wedding on a Saturday in June? You’re gonna get a thunderstorm and maybe a bonus tornado. Sign up to have a booth at an art fair in July? One year you’ll get chilly weather in the 50s with rain and the next will be a heat wave with air quality alerts. And if you even think about having events in winter - indoors or out - you’ll get a surprise half foot of snow dumped on you just because, followed by bizarrely cold weather and dangerous snow-covered icy roads. “Coming our way: Up to 11 inches of snow, then dangerous cold. Windchills of up to 60 below are possible in rural areas.” Cool. If I’d realized what lay ahead I would have made more of an effort to get to some events earlier today. Like the 43rd Annual Saintly City Cat Show, the 18th Annual Winter Kite Festival or the 12th Annual Art Sled Rally. At least I did make it out to a portion of the 6th Annual Drone Not Drones last night at The Cedar Cultural Center, and am live streaming the rest of it from the safety and comfort of my own home.

Five Good Things:

My special man friend and I had a productive face-to-face conversation the other night. He opened with “I’ve handled this poorly.” Understated yet accurate. We discussed communication and expectations and anxiety and patched things up. Everything is peachy now. Hopefully we can prevent unnecessary angst in the future. If not we can part ways, for real, but only after some more respectful discourse. Not via email.

008-Alan Sparhawk of Low joins the drone

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