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We Are Because We Were

The latest thing making the rounds, posting your first Facebook profile pic side by side with your current one? I indulged. But it tied into something already top of mind, because of our upcoming group art show. The theme is Liminality, which can encompass very concrete rites of passage but I’m thinking more of other changes:

  • Passage from one place to another, such as moving houses, moving to a new city, etc.
  • Passage from one situation to another: beginning university, starting a new job, and graduating high school or university.
  • Passage of time such as New Year celebrations and birthdays.

All of the above for my son and I in the last year, and more to come in the next few. Raising a human to adulthood has been pretty wild.

Five Good Things on a Monday:

  • Clearly pregnancy loss doesn’t get filed under “good” but talking about it does: Why Women Reeling From Miscarriage Are Turning to the Web:
    “Guilt. Powerlessness. Failure. Many women who have miscarried are intimately familiar with these emotions and bear a secret shame. But more and more, women who have suffered pregnancy loss are opening up online.” Personally I had two late term pregnancies interrupted in 2003 and 2006. One due to anencephaly and the other stillbirth. Social media wasn’t a thing just yet but I had already been blogging for a while and on flickr. I posted to flickr from the hospital room because I needed to talk about it. And I’m glad I did. In the time since I’ve known of friends and acquaintances who have gone through similar losses but they were more open about it and felt less alone because of it, rather than suffering in silence like women of previous generations. This is progress.
  • From David Byrne’s reasons to be cheerful. Austerity Is NOT The Only Way: Portugal! I do hope to live in Lisbon at some point, if only for a short period of time.
  • Hope from Trista Harris, a philanthropic futurist: 2019 Philanthropy Predictions
  • Saturday night a friend and I went to an incredible performance the Walker. Our seats were front row center. Felt like we were getting a private show. Here’s an interview with one of the artists: Rabih Mroué: Life, Death, and the Digestive System
  • I enjoyed 2011’s film Hanna with Saorsie Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and others. And now it has been adapted by Amazon as a series. Cast includes Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos (reunited again, after The Killing) and the titular character is being played by Esme Creed-Miles. Series premieres in March.

Procrastination got the best of me again. Yes, the holidays were a balance of busy-ness and lounging, which I very much needed, and the new year has been action-packed already. But I could have been better at planning. Our art opening is Saturday night. Just yesterday I shot the photos for the show. And then rush ordered the prints, mounted on foam core. I wound up paying at least three times as much to get them rush printed and delivered. Thankfully I’m pleased with the two prints I’m displaying.

unfocused self-portrait

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